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World cup 3vs3 2024, Tremblant

World cup 3vs3 2024, Tremblant | WBDHF

The first big event awaits us in June. It will be played in five categories (Men Open, Women Open, Masters Men&Women O35, Elite Legend Men O45). Register your national teams - - In the beautiful surroundings of Tremblant, the world's best will gather 

Information for the teams at the World Cup 3vs3 2024 Tremblant: 
Date: June 5-8,2024
Roster: Maximum 12 players+2 golie
Playing time: 2×15min stop-time
Teams: are allowed 2 teams from each countries 
Exceptions: without exceptions in categories O35, 3 40+ exceptions are allowed in the Legend O45 category (2players+1golie)