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WBHF tour in China

WBHF tour in China | WBDHF


DiGironimo and the students replaced the signed Winter Olympics countdown card.

Then, he enjoyed watching the school's ball hockey team training and took photos with the children.

The guests walked into the school's "Little Winter Olympics Museum" and first watched the school's winter Olympic education promotional video, which included the colorful winter Olympic cultural activities of the school in the past three years, and the scenes of children participating in various competitions.

The four Winter Olympics little guides from the school introduced the Winter Olympic handicrafts to the guests one by one. The school's Little Winter Olympics Museum was established in September 2018. There are currently 1 small curator and 11 lecturers. The Little Winter Olympic Museum has nine major categories including paper cutting (engraved paper), paper-making, cloth sticking, clay sculpture, bean painting, sand painting, paper rope, wool monkey, and weaving.

The WBHF is proud to be an official partner of the school and intends to replicate the same in many more schools across the country, hoping that each will match the great enthusiasm of Power Plant Road Primary School.

The children of the small media group of the “Rong Media Center” of the Yancheng Power Plant Elementary School interviewed the DiGironimo.

At the farewell, the children presented the handmade hockey stick gift box to the WBHF President.


  2019年12月19日,WBHF世界陆地冰球联合会主席Domenic DiGironimo、WBHF世界陆地冰球联合会中国区主席郑立昕到电厂路小学考察陆地冰球开展情况!

  Domenic DiGironimo主席与学生们一起将签名的冬奥倒计时牌进行了更换!








  电厂路小学“融媒体中心”小记者团的孩子们,采访了嘉宾WBHF世界陆地冰球联合会主席 Domenic DiGironimo