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WBHF has started the registration process of players, referees, officials and fans

WBHF has started the registration process of players, referees, officials and fans | WBDHF

Why has the WBHF introduced registration, how to register and other questions, which have been asked multiple times by players and officials, will be answered by the WBHF Executive Director Jaroslav Melišek.

Here is a summary of the questions asked with their answers:

  • Why did you introduce mandatory registration?

With the current rapid expansion and growth our goal is the Olympics. 

With this goal in mind we had attended a lot of meetings with international sports institutions, where partners ask about our database and records, therefore we had to establish a mandatory registration procedure.


  • How much will it cost to become a member of WBHF?

The registration cost is a token payment. Registration costs EUR29 and has a duration of 5 years (for players, staff, volunteers). Registration cost for referees is EUR50 and has duration of 5 years as well.


  • Is it enough?

It isn’t yet We don’t want to burden anyone with large fees. The purpose of the registration fee is to meet the requirements and provide proof to the partners, through the database which will have to be created and curated. 

As you may know, next year, ball hockey will be a part of the UNITED WORLD GAMES in Austria where it is a necessary requirement.


  • How does the registration system work?

It is a simple procedure. Every new member has to register by visiting the PASSPORT section of this website link: www.bewbhf.comThere you will have to fill a form consisting of: Name, Nationality, Photograph followed by the Payment. Afterwards an email will be sent to the member, containing the complete Passport with a registration number. This number will then be used to fill the corresponding Rosters before every WBHF event.


  • What to do if I want to register a heritage or a special team?

A new member will follow the above-mentioned instructions, but in addition will have to include for which team he will play e.g. WEST SLOVAKIA, CENTRAL CZECHIA, TEAM EUROPE, CZECHOSLOVAKIA. 

In case of heritage teams, a member will follow the exact same instructions. 

All special and heritage teams are recognized by our system by default.


  • What if a player wants to change or play for a different team for the upcoming WC, EC or World Cups?

A registration form with an accompanying EUR200 payment has to be provided. This high fee is necessary to avoid exposure and protecting roster information of individual special teams before big roster changes and team trades. 

Most importantly, we want to avoid situations which have happened in the past, where on multiple occasions a player has been traded during the WC (World Championship). After the implementation of the registration process this issue will be completely avoided. If by chance this is violated, the team and the player will be penalized with a monetary fee and the team will be suspended. 

This change was highly praised by our partners, as it provides order and the necessary professionalism of a worldwide operating organization.


  • What else will be offered with the WBHF registration?

Our website: , will offer statistics from individual events, live streaming of matches, discount codes for ball hockey equipment and other benefits and perks provided by our current and future partners. 

We assure full and complete functionality of these systems and procedures by the of the year 2020 and before the beginning of the 3vs3 World Championship in Orimattila, Finland.