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The Year of Ball Hockey is behind us and WBHF continues to Grow The Game as it Strengthens the Sport

The Year of Ball Hockey is behind us and WBHF continues to Grow The Game as it Strengthens the Sport | WBDHF

The year began with our own conference in Bratislava, where over 30 representatives of the WBHF European section took part including the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Russia. Goals and procedures were set up to handle the challenging year which was marked by hosting four World Championships in all categories.

WBHF gave 11 sets of medals, we have seen 11 new World Champions.  6 gold went to Canada, 2 to the Czech Republic, 2 Slovakia and 1 to Russia.  As we embark on 2019, Canada is leading the world ranking followed by Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the USA.

We welcomed new members in Estonia, Uganda, Kenya, Nepal, Sweden and Finland.


The first of the year was the World Championship Master's (5vs5) in Ústí nad Labem. The organizing team, led by Miroslav Zadak prepared the best quality tournament in the history of this category. The participating teams received wonderful time hospatality throughout the tournaments. The arena, the Zimny stadion Slovan Ústí nad Labem had a plastic surface and all the matches were broadcast by TVCOM alive and commenting on


An incredible tournament won by the host, Czech Republic, which won the final 8-1 over Canada and Slovakia won the Bronze. The Czech Republic will defend the title this year (June 2019) in Mississauga, Canada.


Three days after the end of World Championship in Ústí there was a historic moment for the world ball hockey.  For the first time, the Championships took place in Russia! With the support of RUSSIA HOCKEY - RED MACHINE, the 5vs5 World Cup took place in Dmitrov, Moscow, in the men's and women's category. A total of 10 teams from six countries took part in Dmitrov's Ice Court at the World Championships.


The tournament was very well organized, broadcast by commented. The Czech Republic won gold in the men's division by a score of 4 to 2 over Canada and Russia won the women's division with a 2-1 win over Canada.  The Bronze medals were won by Slovakia in the men's and the Czech Republic in the womens.

For Russian Ball Hockey it was a very good promotion for the future of this sport.  Great thanks to Sergei Gerasimov and all the staff and volunteers.


At the end of June, the WBHF moved to Slovakia as the World Championships took place in Nitra in five categories: U20, U18, U16, U14 and U20 girls. The unforgettable World Championship under the leadership of the main organizer Juraj Bubák and Miloš Dovičovič and the strong support of the city of Nitra with golden letters will be written in history as the largest and the best junior World championship. 

The arena was prepared with a new artificial surface, teams had direct transfers to the arena and great organization of the World Championships. 


The spectators enjoyed the best quality throughout and home nation was very please with the outcome.  In the U20, Slovakia would win 4-3 over Canada in overtime.  The U18 championship was won by Canada over Slovakia 5-3 and Canada would also win the U16 with a 8-1 victory over Slovakia and U14 championship won by Slovakia and the Canadian team would win the inaugural U20 Girls are championship 2-0 over the Czech Republic.  A highlight for the Junior Championships was for the first time, Sweden players participated and joined other countries on Team Europe.


In August, together with the National Hockey League (NHL) and China Hockey we organized the first ball hockey camp in Beijing in the Olympic arena. The results of many years in working with China are coming soon and we are pleased that together with the strongest hockey organization we are creating programs.


In November, we were in Bratislava for the spectacular 3vs3 World Championship at the HANT Arena was dominated by Canada, winning all three categories. Canada Men won over Czechia 19:6, the women's final over Great Britain 14:2 and in the Masters Czech Republic 13:4. Canada, specifically the Province of Quebec is a leader in the 3v3 format and it was a pleasure to watch their game.  Altogether, 20 teams from 10 countries were represented in Bratislava including Finland and the original France.


We have received new partners in 2018, the North American Ball Hockey Player Association (NBHPA) based in Montreal and oversee's the 3v3 version in Canada and St Hockey based in Finland. The St Hockey organization operates in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Norway and Switzerland). Again, we have greatly strengthened ourselves and for our future very strategically.


Our success in growing the sport is also measured in that there was only one 'heritage team' in the UK. This a very big step forward in growing the game and recognition at the Olympic level of participation as a small percentage of 'heritage teams'' and not the majority are recognized at that level of participation which is why the WBHF is the leader in the sport today, tomorrow and for the future.

The WBHF will continue to lead the way with innovation in our sport, bringing more nations to the game and more events to our international athletes.