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TEAM USA Juniors will be ready for the World Championships in Nitra, Slovakia

TEAM USA Juniors will be ready for the World Championships in Nitra, Slovakia | WBDHF

Most of us are pessimistic. I am chief among them in all things hockey. But I need to say some things.....

So..., after a full day, fully immersed in the interior decision making of a ball hockey team's design and make up (especially considering the magnitude being of an international level) this weekend, I can state with certainty that this particular process has been done fairly and with impartiality. 

Whenever you can sit 10-15 coaches and talent assessors in the same room, and hash out player ability, chemistry, leadership skills, and positional awareness, and the there isn't one instance of discord..., you've done a great job of organizing.

I am completely impressed, and absolutely in awe of what went down today at Leominster Dek Hockey Center.

Bill, Dan, and everyone else involved deserve a big old round of applause from anyone that even thought about what was going on there this weekend.

Assembling a team to compete in a WORLD setting isn't easy folks.....

Everyone there did an excellent job. Despite my earlier inclinations of perhaps things being biased, I can honestly say, these tryouts gave each player an honest shot at making this team. 

If you're not a top 12 forward...., you won't make this team. If you're not a top 8 defenseman, you won't make this team. Despite all off the naturally talented kids I saw today, I still feel like it's such a shame that people are choosing between them.

But, the process has been much more than fair and unbiased. 

Team USA U14 will be no joke or puppet squad. 

If you were invited..., you deserved it.
If you are announced in mid October..., you're one of the best we could find at your position.

If you're there this weekend or down in NJ on October 4th, you should be proud. 

If you make the team..., don't celebrate..., work harder and represent everything and everyone you know.