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All ball hockey players believe that 3vs3 WC in Finland will be take place

All ball hockey players believe that 3vs3 WC in Finland will be take place | WBDHF
The situation regarding the 3vs3 World Championships in Finland is still open but today's COVID19 situation shows the World Championships will take place. All teams that want to participate in this World Champtionships closely follow the course of this "Pandemic".
The organizers of the Orimattila World Championships are continuing with preparations and also believe that the November World Championships will be a celebration of ball hockey and an excellent presentation of their city and Finland as such.
Championships will host 3 categories as it has become a standard since 2015. Finland will welcome the men's, women's and veterans' categories. Teams from Canada will defend the title in all three categories. The Czech Republic reports strong selections in all categories, Slovakia rejuvenates its teams. Russia and the United Kingdom send their teams to all three categories. We will see France, USA, Team Europe in the fights again. Newcomers will be Germany, Poland, Belarus, Kuwait and Estonia. The last two mentioned, Poland and Estonia, have already gone through their baptism, as they took part in the European Championships in December.
Teams from Austria, Spain, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Kyrgyzstan and Scotland are also considering a participation. Overall, it should be a record participation in the history of ball hockey.
In the Masters category, WBHF allowed the start of special teams such as West Slovakia, Central Czechia, Czechoslovakia and other heritage teams from Canada, because the hunger for ball hockey is great.
The referees will be from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, Russia, Germany and Finland.
source: DK